Youba Ndiaye

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Contact Information

Professional experience

2020 to now Post-doctoral researcher at INRAE UMR ENVT Toulouse
2019 to 2020 Statistical studies officer at ORS BFC Dijon
2017 to 2019 Teaching assistant (fr. ATER) at Université de Tours


2014 to 2018 MCF - 2019 - 5- 19205298541 French Qualification Exam to be Assistant Professor (fr. Maître de Conférences) in Economics
2014 to 2018 PhD in Economics at INRA and Université de Bourgogne
2013 to 2014 MA in Economics at Université de Franche Comté
2005 to 2007 MA in International Trade at Université de LaRochelle
2005 to 2007 Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (M.A.) in Economic Policy Analysis at Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar

Research interest

Spatial Economics
Determinants of energy taxes , Regional and cross-country disparities, Impacts of public policies related to fiscal instruments.
Agricultural Economics
Production Economics, Animal Health Economics,
Applied Econometrics
Spatial econometrics, treatment effects, discrete choice models.
Fiscal Federalism
Horizontal and vertical tax competition, Theory of incentives.


  • The Association Between French Veterinary Practice Characteristics and Their Revenues and Veterinarian's Time Use (with with Ikram Abdouttalib, Ahmed Ferchiou, Didier Raboisson, and Guillaume Lhermie). Frontiers in veterinary science, 2021. [link ]
  • Environmental expenditure interactions among countries, a spatial panel data analysis of OECD countries case over the period 1994-2014 (with Julie Le Gallo). Economic modelling, 2021, pp.244-255 [link ]
  • Road tax interactions among local governments: a spatial panel data analysis of the French case over the period 1984-2000 . Applied Economics, 2018, pp.4182-4196 [link ]
  • Submitted papers

    • Evaluating economic performance and antimicrobial consumption in French broiler production: an econometric analysis (with Guillaume Lhermie, Jonathan Rushton and Didier Raboisson). Submitted to Ecological Economics, 2021.
    • Quantifying Animal Health Care Spatial Accessibility in the French Cattle, Swine and Poultry Sectors with Two-step Floating Catchment Area Method (with Mehdi Berrada, Guillaume Lhermie and Didier Raboisson). Submitted to Scientific Reports, 2021.

      Work in progress

      • Spatial interactions of sanitary risk factor: a spatial panel data analysis of french municipalities over the period 2010-2019 (with Mehdi Berrada, Didier Raboisson and Guillaume Lhermie).
      • Drivers of french dairy restructuring: a spatial probit analysis (with Marie Dervillé, Didier Raboisson and Guillaume Lhermie).
      • Evaluating the acceptability of biosecurity measures with a discet choice experiment method (with Guillaume Lhermie).
      • Cocoa, livelihoods and deforestation in the Tridom Conservation Landscape: a spatial analysis (with Jonas Ngouhouo-Poufouna, Sabine Chaupain-Guillot and Philippe Delacote).
      • Milk production function and disease prevalence: a shadow price modelling (with Ahmed Ferchiou).
      • Architecture of energy fiscal federalism: a Nash optimization (with Marie-Laure BREUILLE).
      • Communications

        Socièté Française d'Economie Rurale (SFER) (December, Toulouse, France) ; International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health conference (ISESSAH) (November, Malaysia) ; One Health Antimicrobial Stewardships conference (Marth, Alberta, Canada)
        PET: Public Economic Theory conference (Strasbourg, France)
        5th Annual Conference of the French Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (FAERE) (Aix-en-Provence, France)
        1st Edition of FuturMob'17 (Montbéliard, France) ; 2nd Edition of "Energie et Territoires (Paris School of Economics, France); CESAER research seminars (Dijon, France)
        15th International workshop spatial econometrics and statistics (Orléans, France) ; 4th Doctoral Day "Public Policy Analysis" (LeHavre, France)

        Teaching experience

        Course Place Hours Formation Period
        Spatial Econometrics ENSAE, Malakoff, France 18 Postgraduate 2022
        Animal Health Economics Barcelona, Lyon and Toulouse 30 Undergraduate 2021-2022
        Statistics Univ. of Bourgogne Franche Comté 64 Undergraduate 2019-2020
        Economics Univ. de Tours 192*2 Undergraduate 2017-2019
        Mathematics Univ. of Franche-Comté 18 Undergraduate 2016-2017